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NYFWA seeks entries for its Impact Award

NYFWA seeks entries for its Impact Award

The New York Economical Writers’ Association is accepting nominations for its 2021 Impression Award for Distinguished Economical Journalism.

Released in 2019, the award is an work to honor a distinguished tale or entire body of work by reporters whose operate spurred impact throughout the preceding calendar 12 months, irrespective of when the story or tales were being printed. It is recognition for economic reporting that cast an early spotlight on significant difficulties and spur effect.

The award’s inaugural honorees were Carrick Mollenkamp and Mark Whitehouse, who have been preferred for their 2008 coverage in in the Wall Road Journal of Libor –the London interbank supplied rate, and how it was turning into an unreliable interest fee benchmark. The benchmark, set by borrowing rates submitted by banks, underpins all the things from household home loans to corporate loans.

Very last year’s award went to Dan McCrum, Stefania Palma, Olaf Storbeck, a staff of journalists at the Economic Times, for their collection of article content that uncovered a large fraud at Wirecard, one particular of Europe’s top know-how corporations. Backlinks to the operate they had been awarded for can be observed Right here.

If you know of a story, or series of tales, that you believe that fits the conditions for this award –stories that have had a demonstrable impact on the planet, irrespective of whether by spurring investigations, shifting legislation or holding the strong to account, you should nominate all those parts and their author/writers for this year’s award. Self-nominations are great as nicely.

Nominations have to be been given by Oct. 29, 2022, and can be submitted via the subsequent link: https://www.nyfwa.org/impactaward