Forces that Move Stock Prices

Among the largest forces that affect stock prices are inflation, interest rates, bonds, commodities and currencies. At times the stock market suddenly reverses itself followed typically by published explanations phrased to suggest that the writer’s keen observation allowed him to predict the market turn. Such circumstances leave investors somewhat awed […]

Change Management & Transition Management

Global competition, challenges, company goals for higher profits, requisitions or structural change in the top management; all these factors call for one thing- Change Management. British Airways had to alter its approach to content management on the internet, Cadbury had to cope with global changes by refocusing on its cultural […]

Functions of Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange is the name of the market where instead of goods and services, stocks and shares are traded. Investors can sell or purchase shares, bonds or securities of different companies and corporate bodies. More often these purchases and sales are made through agent or brokers. It has now became […]

Understanding the Oregon Electrical License Exam


The Oregon Electrical License Exam (OEL) is a state-mandated exam that contractors must pass to become licensed electrical contractors in Oregon. The OEL is an important step toward becoming a licensed electrical contractor and requires preparation and dedication. This article aims to provide an overview of the OEL, its content, […]

The Importance of Career Choices

Career choices are truly challenging as the decision you make has a great impact on all the aspects of your life. Choices are generally conditioned by many factors such as education background, personal values, social beliefs, financial aspects and geographical factors but in the end, your own set of values […]