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What Is White Label Reseller Hosting?

When you opt for reseller web hosting, it enables you to create your own web hosting company without owning any infrastructure. A parent host provides servers and bandwidth that resellers shape into branded hosting packages to sell. 

This white-label model facilitates easy market entry to profit from rising web hosting demand, with resellers acting as customised web hosts.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

With reseller web hosting, a parent hosting company provides a reseller with server space, bandwidth, and other infrastructure. The reseller then creates hosting packages to sell to end customers under their brand.

As the reseller, you handle your customers’ billing, support, and account management. The parent hosting company handles the back-end technical infrastructure and server management. This allows you to run a web hosting business without investing in building your server infrastructure.

What Is White Label Reseller Hosting?

White-label reseller hosting takes the standard reseller model one step further by removing the branding of the parent hosting provider. This allows you to fully brand the hosting service as your own.

The parent provider still provides the hosting infrastructure and servers. But to the end customer, you are an independent web hosting company. This helps you build stronger brand recognition.

Key Features of White Label Hosting Reseller

  • Private Name Servers – You can use your domain for name servers instead of the parent host’s domain, which is essential for establishing an independent brand.
  • Custom Branding – Ability to brand the hosting control panel, support site, and other customer-facing areas with your logo, colour scheme, etc.
  • Billing Software – White-label plans typically include WHMCS or other billing software to handle customer billing and payments under your brand.
  • Add-on Services – Many providers allow you to sell additional services like SSL certificates, emails, backups, etc., under your brand.
  • Client Support – You provide front-line support for your clients, with access to the hosting provider’s support for back-end technical issues.

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting

White-label reseller hosting provides several key advantages:

  • Low Upfront Costs – Very low startup costs compared to building your hosting infrastructure.
  • Own Brand – Opportunity to fully brand services as your own and directly control the customer relationship.
  • Recurring Revenue – Ongoing monthly revenue from hosting plans builds over time.
  • Scalability – Easy to scale hosting resources up or down based on client needs.
  • Operational Support – The hosting provider handles technical aspects like server maintenance and security.
  • Consistent Margins – You can set your prices over and above the wholesale costs from the provider.

Evaluating White Label Reseller Hosting Providers

When choosing a white-label hosting reseller provider, key aspects to evaluate include the following:

  • For trustworthy hosting, evaluate server architecture, including uptime history, redundancy, and performance indicators.
  • To resolve back-end problems quickly, evaluate the provider’s technical assistance.
  • Consider bespoke branding and personalisation for the white label.
  • Examine value-added goods and services to add security, backups, email, etc., to your branded bundles.
  • Monitor integrated account management and invoicing solutions to streamline consumer subscriptions.
  • Check wholesale prices and margins to ensure the profitability of your reseller hosting packages.

Carefully researching the providers allows you to select one that best fits the needs of your specific web hosting business and target audience.


White-label reseller hosting enables easy, low-risk entry into the web hosting market under your brand. By leveraging the infrastructure of an established hosting provider, you can focus on branding, marketing, and support to grow a successful web hosting business. With the continued growth in demand for web hosting, white-label reseller hosting represents an attractive business model for aspiring hosting entrepreneurs.