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Website Marketing – A complete guide

Internet Marketing

A website is one of the best marketing tools for your business. A business can increase its sales through customer referrals and other forms of advertising.

However, an attractive website with valuable content can set a business apart from its competitors and help increase revenue.

Above all with the growing exposure to technology, the buying habits of customer’s are fast-changing, it is important for a business to know what their customers are searching for.

They need to create a website and include the information being searched by the customers to ensure the people find their website.

In this guide, we will discuss website marketing and what makes a good website. We will tell you about website marketing strategies that can help attract more visitors to your website and boost your sales.

What is website marketing?

Website marketing involves promoting a website to attract relevant traffic to the site. The goal of website marketing is to attract individuals who may be interested in products or services offered by the company.

Higher inbound traffic to the website means receiving higher opportunities to proposition your products or services in front of potential customers.

The aim or purpose of most website marketing strategies is to rank the website high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some of the most common website marketing strategies involve search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, content marketing, social media engagement etc.

In most industries, the websites that rank on the top SERP position attract more than 50% of the traffic for their target keywords.

The websites ranking 2nd or 3rd receive comparatively less traffic and the sites ranking on positions 5 to 20 get only about 5% of the traffic.

A well planned and executed website marketing strategy can help a business to grow and attain new heights. It ultimately helps to expand the business’s share of the market.

What is a website marketing strategy?

A website marketing strategy is a strategy designed to reach a goal for the website. Depending on the position of the website and what it is lacking, the strategy defines tactics that can help improve the websites SERP rankings.

An effective website marketing strategy includes:

  • Optimizing the website for search engines (SEO)
  • Posting blogs and articles on the website (to inform more about your services or products)
  • Running an online contest or free giveaways
  • Promoting the website on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Sharing email newsletter for promoting the business
  • Offer downloadable sales resources like brochures or posters on the websites
  • Host live or recorded webinar or sales demo

A professional website marketing agency can help in developing an effective website marketing strategy that can help boost your business visibility online whereby increasing sales.

Some of the key web marketing services offered by a website marketing agency are:

  • SEO

Top search engines like Google and Yahoo keep updating their algorithms to identify web pages having relevant keyword phrases and that meet the required ranking factors.

Website marketing agencies keep a track of the ever-changing ranking algorithms. They have knowledge and experience of SEO best practices which help ensure their client’s websites comply with the latest standards and practices.

  • Content creation and optimization

It is easy for a company to hire someone to write a few blogs or articles and post them on their websites. But only posting blogs without adequate research won’t help in optimizing the website or improving the search engine ranking.

Website marketing agencies have more experience and expertise, they undertake market and subject matter research that helps in developing effective written and visual content. They work towards promoting web content and updating the assets as required.

  • Email marketing

Several aspects of email marketing campaigns can be automated today by using the right technology however, businesses will still need assistance in creating engaging email content.  Marketing agencies help businesses in developing and implementing email campaigns based on the marketing campaign objectives.

  • Managed PPC

Website marketing agencies help businesses to create and run effective Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. They help in creating eye-catching headlines and text that can attract more viewers.

They can completely manage the bidding strategies for the PPC campaigns to ensure maximum reach and high ROI of each campaign.

Key Takeaways

A website is the best marketing tool and hence it is important to focus on website marketing to target maximum viewers and to improve the inbound traffic.

Before starting a website marketing campaign, first, review your website and ensure that it represents your business well. A good website is responsive, fast, and simple to navigate.

Next focus on SEO and work on it. Search engine optimization is very critical for the success of any online marketing campaign.

If your website is optimized and starts ranking for keywords relevant to your business, you are already moving in the right direction.

While the SEO strategies start showing results, it is time for you to start focusing on social media marketing and paid advertising. These two channels other than SEO can play a major role in driving traffic to your website.

Once your website starts getting inbound traffic, it is time to focus on email marketing and other remarketing strategies.

It will help convert the traffic into sales. Hiring a website marketing agency will ensure the website is up-to-date and the content is relevant. It will help to direct targeted traffic to the website.