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Reduce Site Load Times with Dedicated WP Servers

How to Speed Up a WordPress Site That's Slow to Load

Nothing is more annoying about a website than that it takes time to load for customers and users. A slow website can lead to customers using alternative options, which is surely a loss to businesses. Website loading time can reduce traffic which leads to a fall in sales. They can reduce their chances of ranking higher in Search Engine Optimization leading to lower customer engagement.

Guide to making your site faster 

What if you knew that there are ways by which you can avoid this problem? WordPress Dedicated Servers are the right solution! 

Simply put, WordPress Dedicated Hosting dedicates an entire server for the user. Dedicated Servers offer numerous benefits. You can get complete control of the website and customize it to meet your demands. You get additional security, manage the website’s bandwidth and memory, and overall improved performance.

Here are a few ways to ensure your website works to its potential.  

Keep your controls updated

Simple things like optimizing your pages can hugely impact your website. To get the most out of WordPress, ensure that all the major controls and plugins are updated. Tracking these minor elements can play a significant role in the performance of your website.

Run performance tests 

It is advised to run tests consistently to determine your website’s performance and speed. Tests can enable you to find the root problem of the functionality or speed. Once you find the problem after the performance tests, you start finding a solution for it. You may use browser caching, optimize your images and use a content distribution network for optimum results.

Dedicated IP address

Dedicated servers work best for high-performing websites. They can handle large amounts of traffic. Another upside to a Dedicated server is that it comes with its IP address. You need not share your resources with anybody else. It will assure faster page loading time.

Optimize your database 

Optimizing your database is one of the things that will boost your site’s uptime. It means reorganizing data in a way that will save space. WordPress dedicated servers make this task easy as it is only a click away.

Optimize images

Optimizing images means resizing them to the images for website utility. Big file sizes make the website heavy and slow to load. It can be a crucial distraction and make your audience drop out of the website faster than expected. In such scenarios, optimize your images and fasten loading time. Not to deny, images make your sites attractive, so only ensure you do not compromise the quality. 

In the end,

There are numerous ways to reduce site load time. Using a WordPress Dedicated server is an ideal choice, as you are not required to share your resources, and have a dedicated server for yourself and your business. 

With complete control of your website, you can decide how to optimize it. Reducing your site’s load time is essential, as an increased loading time creates a negative impression in the customer’s mind. Slow load time can even reduce the chances of customer engagement. Hence, Dedicated WordPress Hosting makes the process easier!