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Reasons to Use Expedited Shipping Services

7 Situations When You Should Use Expedited Shipping

What are the reasons to use expedited shipping services? Time is of the essence, especially if you are stuck at home waiting for your package to arrive. Now depending on the state you live in and where your product is coming from, shipping times could be frustrating because we just want to get our orders already. You could know the status of your shipment at  with Sure Logix where you could literally track where your packages are and when they would arrive. 

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping means that you want to make something happen more quickly than how it normally takes, it’s about getting your shipment delivered faster than usual.

A great example of why you would use expedited shipping is when you ordered fresh produce or baked goods, when you need a certain thing because it is a critical part in your assembly line needs or you want to replacement to arrive without having to worry about delay, and some people are just not happy unless they receive their parcels as soon and as quick as possible.

How Fast is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is faster than the standard service that goes through the same route. There are some cases where the package was expected to arrive in 5 days, but because it is expedited shipping, it would reduce time in transit to less than 48 hours.

A reminder though, this depends on which part of the state or country the package is arriving from, it offers a time-definite delivery for domestics and international destinations.

Why you should offer Expedited Shipping Services

  1. Meet increased customer expectations

The business world is highly competitive and your customers expect fast and adorable shipping options from all of the online sellers. 

  1. Reduce cart abandonment

When you offer an affordable expedited delivery opinion, it would be able to prevent your customer’s from abandoning their shopping cart and it could also increase your sales. One of the reasons why there are abandoned carts, and one of the reasons is because they found the delivery options unsatisfactory.

  1. Helps build customer loyalty

Once a seller is able to offer delivery fast, the customers would most likely have a good shopping experience and they would eventually keep coming back.

How to offer expedited shipping without having to cut profits:

  1. Require a minimum spend

By requiring a minimum spend, it puts more of the decision into the customer’s hands on whether they want to add more products in their cart, or if what they are planning on buying is okay already. If you want this option to work, the amount of money that your customer would spend has to be greater than the average order value.

  1. Oursource their order fulfilment to a 3PL

By consulting and partnering with a third-party logistics partner in order to outsource the order shipping and fulfilment, it could help you as a seller have some leverage. In doing this, you might be able to offer discounts, shipping options, and increased technology. The 3PL would be able to help sellers, such as yourself, meet all of the customer’s demands about the expedited shipping and their costs.

  1. Distributed inventory

If you have your inventory spread and distributed across all of these multiple fulfillment centers and close to more customers, it could reach the people who are buying from you faster through ground shipping. Shipping zones are calculators, so when the customer that is buying from you is nearer, then it would be quicker and cheaper.

Shipping Options from Major Carriers for Expedited Shipping

  1. FedEx

This major carrier has a lot of options when it comes to chipping expedited orders and the cost of it all varies depending on the size of the package that you ordered. They have the FedEx Express Same Day, FedEx Express Saver and FedEx Expedited Freight Services.

  1. USPS

USPS’s shipping option for the expected is also called the priority mail express. It is their fastest domestic service. Packages that are under 70 points could be shipped overnight through priority mail express starting at $24.70. First class and priority mail are typically delivered in two or three days.

  1. UPS

They offer a variety of options for the expedited services and shipping options that you could choose from. Domestic deliveries include same-day, next day service, two-day service, and three-day shipping guarantees.