Overcoming Adversities That Ruin Business Productivity 


One of the things that all businessmen have in common is that we all deal with several obstacles daily – but what sets us apart is how we approach these problems. Some people might allow their problems to derail them, while others will learn how to jump through the hurdles. 

Of course, most people prefer avoiding their problems – which comes from unmanaged emotions and habitual mistakes that we tend to make with other people. And when these things are left unattended, obstacles can become emotional thieves that are just happy for the opportunity to wreck our lives. They steal our focus, divert our attention towards what’s important, and significantly drain our energy, both mentally and physically. 

To figure out a way to manage this dilemma, we reached out to professionals like Eric Swan – a highly acclaimed Korean-Scottish author, entrepreneur, wedding planner, and designer. He is also the founder of the Eric Swan Company, Swan Productions, Mavericks, Eric Swan Weddings, and more. 

In 2003, Swan started his career at the JW Marriott as a Food and Beverage Manager in Las Vegas, Nevada. After leaving JW Marriot a couple of years later, he focused on establishing The Eric Swan Company – a project management firm specializing in commercial construction and business development – where he serves as the Chief Visionary Officer. 

In the past couple of years, Swan has also worked as a Chief Visionary Officer at the ICHINA and is currently established at the Los Banos-based Mavricks, Inc., which is a clothing and lifestyle brand for men and has started serving as its CEO. Moreover, he has been working as an author, speaker, and creator at Swan Productions, including taking the lead planner role of the San Jose-based Eric Swan Weddings. 

As a professional in the field, Swan talks about how one can capitalize on business opportunities to succeed. Here are some strategies that can help. 

Abandon What Does Not Work 

There will be times when your services or products won’t work for your business. Some of us might even fall in love with them and won’t be able to part ways with them – which is what prevents us from seeing their real worth when it comes to how much value they bring to your business. 

Hence, you must evaluate what does not work and find the courage to walk away from it before it can become a major obstacle. Plus, the energy released once you let go of it will allow you to concentrate more on products and services that will work for your business. 

Being Conservative 

One of the reasons why many businesses fail is because they live too high. Too many startups tend to get funding and immediately spend them away, a cause of the euphoria and thrill of the win, which tends to replace common sense. 

It is essential to be frugal with your company money so that you can at least make ends meet and have some money left as a backup should you ever make a wrong investment choice. Keeping a small company mentality can go a long way for startups and well-established companies.

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