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Importance of Acoustic Office Screens in Noise Reduction

Importance of Acoustic Office Screens in N

Office spaces and work environments require acoustic office screens installation to help reduce the number of noise disturbances. There are various categories and qualities of acoustic office screens with varying acoustic solutions and performances. One of the largest acoustic office screens is the panel screens with a design with a shaped screen top that make them more aesthetic when installed in a space. The screens are usually made portable such that you can migrate or relocate them to a different space. They are mostly installed as space dividers that are free-standing and are visually appealing. Additionally, the acoustic screens can be customised to have different textures and fabrics. 

Acoustic office screens are mostly installed in busy workplaces to provide privacy and noise reduction to the office occupants. Their instalment depends on the size of the space, number of people and type of arrangement. The panels have to be arranged to reduce and prevent reverberations from bouncing off hard surfaces in the office. 

Benefits of Acoustic Office Screens

  1. Privacy

The modern office designs are very open, and for a busy office, the spaces are very destructive. Most people prefer to work in private rooms since they can concentrate more hence become more productive. Divider acoustic screens can reduce noise pollution in such spaces and give workers a sense of privacy.

  1. Display

Desk dividers help in organising open plans office spaces. The employees can display photographs and other items on their desk area without making the place look untidy. 

  1. Minimisation of Noise

Offices that are shared spaces by several employees can be very noisy. Employees, however, need private and quiet places in which they can work without much distraction hence enhanced performance and productivity. Installation of acoustic office screens helps create a conducive and productive workplace environment by ensuring calm, quiet and peace using noise reduction panels. The screens also prevent any sound waves from bouncing off walls and hard surfaces, minimising the sound bouncing back and causing pollution. 

  1. Arrangement of desks

Acoustic office screens are very helpful in organising the workstation, especially when computers are involved. They help make the space neat and clean hence supporting productivity and eagerness.

  1. Social Distancing

Office divider screens are useful in spaces that need people to be separated by some distance. 


The open office layout design currently sued in many organisations is quite challenging due to the lack of control over the interaction between employees. Such office plans are believed to be very destructive and noisy. When office spaces have acoustic office screens installed, noise can be easily minimised, and employee privacy ensures increased productivity and performance of employees in workplaces. Very close proximity and constant interruptions can be frustrating and annoying, especially when trying to concentrate. Acoustic office screens are very useful in noise reduction in offices and ensuring employees privacy is not interfered with.