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Characteristics Of 3 Stone Diamond Ring

Should I Choose a Three-Stone Ring Setting? (Whys Yes) | Jewelry Guide

Engagement rings come in different sizes, shapes and designs. But since  everyone wants a unique engagement ring, jewelers are trying their best to meet the demands of their clients. For women the more unique the engagement ring the more impressive, that’s why men try their best to pick the best engagement ring they can get for their partners. How about trying a 3 stone diamond ring?

Benefits Of Three Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement Rings are Symbolic

A three stone ring means the past, present and future. It will be a great way of showing your partner that your past, present and future with your partner is important. The first stone can represent all the moments shared together as a couple, the second stone will mean your present situation now and her being your fiancé and the third stone will mean sharing your future together as husband and wife. Each stone represents the stage of your relationship and your partner can feel how you value each of them. 

Unique 3 Stone Ring Designs Comes in Variety of Designs

Three stone engagement rings are available in many designs, you can even choose what gemstones you would want for your center stone whether it’s diamond or other gemstones. If your woman is crazy about  sparkly diamonds then go for the most colorless diamonds you can get but  If your partner loves fancy colors other gemstones will be ideal. 

  • 3 Stone Engagement Ring Settings Only

This type of three stone ring doesn’t have a center stone but only the complete setting. Which means everything is done for you, all you have to do is choose a center stone and voila! Your ring is ready. This type of ring is advantageous for men who want an easier way of creating their partner’s engagement ring. Since he doesn’t have to think about the designs and setting for the ring but only focuses on the details of the center stone. 

  • Custom Three Stone Rings

Whether it’s custom 3 stone gemstone rings or diamond ones, it is possible for you to customize your ring. From the settings, center stone to the metals to be used in your engagement ring. Here are some tips on how to plan for your ring: 

Tips To Design Your Own Three Stone Ring

  1. Choose the Shape of your Center Stone 

Select a shape that your partner loves this way it will catch her preference. Apart from that, find a skilled jeweler who can cut the center stone perfectly so you will be able to have an almost perfect shape. Having your center stone be cut by an expert can affect the durability and beauty of the center stone. If stones are cut properly, the possibility of cracking or chipped is lesser. You should also decide on the size of your center stones, since there are three of them you can have a bigger center stone then smaller sizes for the other stones. 

  1. Choose A Good Metal 

You can opt for a metal that matches the skin tone of your partner. If she is fair, rose gold will be a good choice but if her color is just right then platinum and white gold can be good. Apart from the color, also consider the durability of each metal. Platinum is the most durable among the metals, however it will still depend on your choice on what is best for your partners preference. 

  1. Choose a Setting 

Settings come in different varieties, you can combine two or more settings.For instance, you can choose halo bezel settings or halo solitaire. You can ask advice from your jewelry to be able to have an idea which suits your center stone best. They can help you choose the best setting for your ideal ring. 

A 3 stone diamond ring can be a good choice , imagine having three rings on your engagement rings. Your partner will do it! Some women prefer more than one engagement ring. The three stone rings will be perfect for her and to make it more unique a custom 3 stone engagement rings will make it more personalized. Plan the layout of your 3 stone diamond ring now and surprise your partner with it.