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Make It Happen Productions (MIHP) Provides – High-Concept Video & Film Projects

Make It Happen Productions | Los Angeles CA


Make It Happen Productions is a multi-award-winning international creative service company. Its combined dual passion for exploring sustainable living drives them to help keep the digital sector’s quality standards high. For years MIHP has promised and has delivered to offer the ideal creative solution, whether you need a professional in consultation, editing, live-action, event production, marketing & advertising, series production, plot, or strategy.


The MIHP team’s distinctive talents are brought out by the team’s focus on high-quality interpersonal interactions and collective years of experience. Since its inception, MIHP has fostered a family atmosphere, and its continued involvement in the hopes and aspirations of its employees sets them apart both as a business and as people.


The team goes to great lengths to support its staff in cultivating their talents and abilities. Their continuing success is a result of and kept a secret by their hard work and dedication. According to Billy Frank, founder and creative director, “We are who we are today due of our team’s competitive will to win continuously.”


The MIHP team, led by Billy Frank, takes great satisfaction in providing superior service through innovative approaches to entertainment and child empowerment.


They work with nonprofits, County officials, cable networks, major networks, film studios, ad agencies, independents, top-tier A-list talent, and global brands. The team at MIHP is always focused on creating high-quality content and providing the best results to the clients. 


The process of the service delivery to the clients is limitless:


MIHP develops and creates intellectual property and produces content for clients, from television projects and digital integration to sporting events. They focus on innovative storytelling and high-end production that appeal to the masses.


MIHP is a content provider specializing in live-action production, marketing, and advertising. They produce non-fiction and narrative content collaborating with ad agencies, networks, corporate brands, and movie studios.


Clients have counted on MIHP to post-produce their programs and everything in between. Based on their housing online & offline editing, motion graphics, sound editing, and finishing and creative solutions, they have been fortunate enough to be a part of highly regarded projects with highly regarded clientele.


The company has produced and created a diverse blend of projects such as:


SEABISCUIT (A Gary Ross Feature Film)

Produced transitional interstitials. 7x Academy Award™ Film


FORD MOTORS/FX Network (Ford Edge/Ford Fusion (Integrated Marketing Launch Campaigns)

Produced Creative Concepts/ Campaigns. Recognized by the client as “Grand Slams,” earning multi-millions in revenue, reach, and impressions (Award-Winning).


THE LA WATTS SUMMER GAMES, a USA CITY GAMES PROGRAM (Inner-City Sports Program and short-form documentary series) 

Chairman/Organizer 2017/2018. Produced Live Event & Live to Tape 50th-year celebration, LA Memorial Coliseum. The city of LA supports them. Mayor Eric Garcetti proclaimed, “The Games are back!” in 2017. Impacting thousands of underserved youth athletes. (Awarded, 2017 KNX Helpful Honda of the Week)


AUSTRALIAN EXPERIENCE (Olympic Games Film/ Multi-Purpose Program)

Partnered with Bank of America/River North Group for a $54M endeavor. 35mm short-film multi-purpose program/tour endorsing Olympic Games in Australia. (Received multiple Awards)


ON BEGLEY STREET (Co-created Docu-series)

Executive Producer, starring Ed Begley Jr and Bill Nye (The Science Guy), focused on building the

Greenest home in North America. (Received multiple awards).


THE SHIELD (Promotional Launch Campaigns)

Produced Live-Action Campaigns

Achieved “Most Watched” Campaign in FX history. (Award-Winning)


SURVIVOR (Upfronts and Comedy Projects)

Collaborated with CBS Networks. Assisted sales by 20% of Survivor multimillion-dollar advertisers. (Award-Winning)


TONIGHT SHOW (Main Title Open w/ Jay Leno)

Executive Produced “main title open” for NBC, ran 8 years. They were regarded as the “Best Tonight Show Opening” in NBC history.


REAL MUSIC LIVE (Music Variety Program)

Developed/Executive Produced with NBC, 2017. (14) Camera Variety Music Show. Successfully Winning the night in its time slot (x2).