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For a day, you get to select your wedding location. But a set of wedding bands that you chose for the rest of your life! Because you’ll be wearing these rings every day, it’s only natural to put some thought into picking the right pair. Check out our professional advice on things to think about while choosing your wedding bands.

Are you going to get your wedding bands tattooed on your ring fingers? It’s a look that you’ll see on celebrities and “ordinary” people alike. However, there are many lovely and considerably less uncomfortable wedding band choices to consider.

If you haven’t yet gotten to the engagement ring part of the process, you can purchase “bridal sets,” including matching engagement rings and wedding bands. So you’ll have a bridesmaid pair that’s ideally matched, and you won’t have to worry about wedding band selections. “Trio sets” comprise an engagement ring and wedding band for woman, as well as a complementing wedding band for him, providing the ultimate in matching Wedding Bands Singapore.

Wedding bands are available in various settings and metal hues, as well as with or without diamonds. Here are some suggestions for finding a wedding band that reflects your taste.

Style aspects to consider

To match or not to match, that is the question. There are a few different approaches to matching.

Do you want your wedding bands to be in the same colour family? Although this has been the custom, it has diminished over time for various reasons, including a desire for a more robust, further scratch-resistant metal or simply owing to personal style changes.

Do you wish to match her engagement ring with your bands?

No law says if the engagement ring is a particular design, the wedding bands must also be. On the other hand, the two rings should complement one other, which means you may get a wedding band that will “go with” the ring but is not explicitly made for it. Because you’ll be organising a set yourself, you’ll need a bit of design sensibility.

Please seek advice from your jeweler, his or her expertise will be essential. Consider the following: You can use all white diamonds or a mix of white diamonds and coloured diamonds or gemstones. The metals might be the same (platinum and platinum; rose gold and rose gold), or the engagement ring and wedding band might have different gold tones. You could choose to go with a wedding band that stands alone. Instead of integrating with the engagement ring, it may clash with it to create something fresh and unique that truly reflects your creativity and personal flair.

Don’t overlook the possibility of creating the family heirloom. The wedding bands passed down through the generations might add even more critical to your vows. Antique stores and estate sales are fantastic locations to seek for wedding bands if you want to possess a piece of history but don’t have a family heritage.

Metals For the Right Band

You’ve probably heard of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks in terms of colour, maintenance, hypoallergenic properties, and price.

Gold is 24K and soft in its purest form, making it unsuitable for jewellery. It’s alloyed with other metals to improve its hardness and strength, and when more is added, the karatage (represented by the digits and the letter “K”) lowers. So 18K having the least amount of metal added is more demanding than 24K but softer than 14K. Even more so, 10K is more durable. Wearing and repairing yellow gold bands is perhaps the easiest and most practical.

White gold is yellow gold that has been whitened by alloying it with other metals such as nickel or zinc. It’s generally plated with rhodium to give it a durable, reflective finish, but it’ll need to be re-plated if it starts to show signs of wear. Copper is included in rose gold, which gives it a rich, warm colour. A standard option is to combine two or more gold tones in one band.

Platinum bands are the most expensive of the regularly used white metals due to platinum’s scarcity. Still, they are also inherently hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for anyone with skin allergies. Platinum happens to be also strong and hefty; its hardness turns it long-lasting, and some individuals appreciate the weight of platinum bands or engagement rings. In addition, platinum has a satiny, velvety texture. 

There are also titanium and tungsten wedding bands to consider. Steely or smoky-grey in tone, these metals are highly durable. They have a unique appearance, but they can’t be scaled. New, very durable alloys, like cobalt, a 100 per cent solid and naturally white alloy with exceptional strength and corrosion and wear resistance, are also available. Wedding bands as strong as these may be required by anyone who needs their rings to endure a battering.

Gems and diamonds

If you don’t want a simple ring, wedding bands can be set with various stones, the most common of which are diamonds. Yes, for guys as well, after all, why should the bride have all the bling?

If you go with stones, it is entirely a matter of personal preference. While white diamonds are the most popular, you can also choose coloured diamonds or contrasting jewels, such as an amethyst or sapphire layer, under a stunning diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The anniversary band adds to the likelihood of misunderstanding. No, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves; we are, after all, discussing wedding bands. The term “anniversary band” usually refers to a diamond-encrusted band. The diamonds can be grouped at the top or run the entire circumference of the ring. For ladies who want to wear diamonds every day but can’t always wear their engagement rings, wearing an anniversary band as a wedding band is a standard option.

Last Words

Wedding bands are symbols of your commitment, and exchanging them on the day of your wedding is an unforgettable experience. So keep that moment in mind when the options get overwhelming or jumbled up in your thoughts. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to wedding bands; relax and enjoy the ride.

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