24/06/2024 4:34 AM


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SEO Search Engine Marketing – The Top 6 Methods

There are many ways to market your website on the internet. Not every method works for every type of website or business. However, there are some methods that will make your SEO search engine marketing efforts a success regardless of your goals.

1. Fresh, targeted content is a must! All content for your website needs to be search engine optimized. Every page, even your contact page, should have a 2-3% keyword density. This is the only way you will get on the search engine’s radar.

2. Don’t stop at your website. Use optimization for all of your marketing tools such as classified ads, article submissions, blogs, and directory listings.

3. Target your pay-per-click ads to your particular area. Even if your business does not have to be localized, you will find that your best clients buy locally. Additionally, you will also notice that you rank higher in the search engines, get more overall traffic to your site, and pay less for pay-per-click advertising. This is because you have much less competition keeping it local than by trying to compete on a global scale.

4. Use SEO search engine marketing tools provided by the search engines. These are there to make everyone’s lives easier, yours and theirs. For example, getting an XML site map uploaded to Google’s webmaster tools does wonders for what pages of your site get crawled, and they will be crawled more often. The more your site is crawled, the higher your ranking.

5. Update your website, classified ads, listings, articles, and pay-per-click marketing campaigns frequently. Depending on the type of website you are promoting, you should update your content at least once per month, if not more. If you are running a blog, you need to post new, fresh content every day.

6. The most forgotten SEO search engine marketing method is that of placing certain metatags. Each search engine has their own tag that can be placed in your website, telling that search engine how often to crawl your site. If your site has fresh, keyword focused content each time your site is crawled, your ranking will skyrocket.