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Scott O Hirsch assesses Google’s latest algorithm update.

The New Google Algorithm Update for 2021 - Proeze Ltd

Digital marketing guru and CEO Scott Hirsch weighs in on Google’s newly released Page Experience update.

Scott O. Hirsch saw a significant update last month to Google’s search engine algorithm. First announced over a year ago, the change centers around a factor that the company is calling Page Experience. A renowned expert in digital marketing and entrepreneur provides a closer look at what’s new.

“Google’s newly unveiled search algorithm revolves around what the brand has called Page Experience,” in a speech given from his office in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

According to the expert, Page Experience factors in a number of existing criteria. These criteria include things like mobile-friendly design and safe, secure browsing. “The new algorithm also adds increased weight to extant factors such as intrusive interstitial guidelines,” adds Hirsch.

As Scott leads authority in the digital data advertising field. Florida-based Hirsch is exceptionally well known for his work in radical search-originated marketing. He’s now been at the forefront of the online space for almost 30 years, initially establishing Lens Express back in the early 1990s.

Hirsch reports that understanding the ins and outs of Google’s latest algorithm update is vital for today’s website owners. “What’s most important is knowing the relevance of different metrics,” the digital marketing guru explains. He points out these metrics, including page loading speed, interactivity, and overall site stability.

“Online retailers, in particular, may need to make some changes to their websites,” Hirsch reveals, “in order to stay on the correct side of the newly released Page Experience update.”

Where necessary, Scott Hirsch advises addressing such changes without delay. “It needs to be a priority if online operators are to maintain their search engine rankings on Google,” adds the expert.

CEO Scott O Hirsch’s suggestions for Google Page Experience compliance

In the pipeline for over 12 months, Google’s Page Experience algorithm update is enormous. Yet, for many website owners, there’s relatively little need to get bogged down by the finer details, and says that “The new algorithm is largely focused on usability,” he explains.

With that, Hirsch recommends focusing on three key areas. “Focus on optimizing for mobile, first and foremost,” suggests the expert. Even where a website is already heavily optimized in this regard, further efforts here may still be of significant benefit, he says. “Look closely at improving page speeds, for example,” advises Media Direct founder and CEO Hirsch.

Similarly crucial, the digital marketing guru says, is clear signposting. “Pay particular attention to your calls-to-action,” he notes.

Lastly, Scott Hirsch points briefly to a third and final piece of advice centered around existing criteria focused on accessibility. “Alt tags are now more important than ever,” add Media Direct CEO Hirsch, wrapping up, “and form just one of several aspects of Google’s Page Experience update concentrated squarely on accessibility.”