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Limitations of Free WordPress Hosting

Limitations of free WordPress hosting and how to avoid them

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites. However, when it comes to choosing between WP Hosting or the best Hosting provider in India, many people are enticed by free WordPress Hosting in India. 

But one should have to know the potential drawbacks that come with free WP Hosting. There are certain limitations to free plans, and this article will explore them for the readers. 

So, if you are planning to use free WordPress Hosting, read on to know why it may not be the best choice for your website.

Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Hosting

  1. Limited Resources

With free WordPress Hosting, one typically gets limited resources as multiple websites are hosted on the same server. Therefore, resources like bandwidth, processing power, and storage space are shared among all the sites. 

It will lead to slow loading speed, downtime and limited scalability, which influences the user experience negatively.

  1. Lack of Support

You will get minimal or no customer support with free WordPress Hosting plans. Thus, in the case of technical issues or troubleshooting, users have to struggle to find assistance from here or there. 

On top of that, they have to rely on community forums or self-help resources, which can be challenging and sometimes insufficient to resolve the problem.

  1. Restricted Customisation

Free hosting providers don’t offer many customisation options to users. It will restrict the limited access themes and plugins necessary to enhance your website’s functionality. 

However, it also restricts leveraging the benefit of creating a unique and professional online presence.

  1. Security Concern

With a free hosting plan, you will not get the sophisticated security measures which will make your website more prone to cyber-attacks and malicious activities. 

Also, you can lose the data from any unforeseen events without data security measures. 

As a result, it also decreases the trust of the user on your website, which ultimately reduces your ranking on Google.

  1. Distracting Advertisement 

Everything comes with prices. So to cover the cost of free hosting, the hosting provider often advertises on your website. 

These ads distract the users, and you often don’t have control over the types of ads they display which can be problematic for your website and brand. 

Further, it depicts the lack of professionalism and reduces user engagement and trust in your website.

  1. Lack of Scalability

With free hosting plans, you often get restricted resources which give rise to the limitation of scalability. 

Thus, it makes it difficult for the website to accommodate a higher traffic volume when websites grow, which also affects the website’s performance. 

Moreover, limited scalability will become the hurdle to your website growth, poor user experience and potential loss of visitors.

  1. Branding Limitations

With free hosting, you can often get the limitation of imposing branding, like they used to use their own logo or placing their name in your website’s domain. 

It confuses users about your brand, and this lack of professionalism makes it difficult for visitors to trust your website.


Free WordPress Hosting may tempt you and seems the cost-saving way to host the website, but investing in the best WordPress Web Hosting is always advisable. It may cost your business some money compared to free WP hosting, but they are worthwhile in the long run. 

With the reliable and fastest WordPress Hosting, you can easily thrive in this online world and put steps towards online success.