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How to Earn Recurring Income As a Reseller Host

If you’re thinking about offering hosting solutions to other webmasters, you should research a few things before choosing a reseller hosting solution. In particular, you should find a solution that meets the needs of your target clientele. It’s also a good idea to label your hosting solution in line with your company’s identity. You should also be familiar with the features of the subscriptions you’ll be reselling, as well as the management software that’s required.


Reseller hosting comes in various sizes and packages, and the costs can vary depending on your budget and needs. You can customize a package to meet your specific needs, but you should also be aware of the risks associated with cheap reseller hosting. Some providers may not provide the support and quality that you need to succeed, so be aware of your expectations and your budget before you start selling hosting.

Some reseller hosting plans offer a free trial, but they may require a monthly or annual payment. These plans can include basic services, such as email service, but may come at an extra cost. You may also need to upgrade your reseller account if you want unlimited bandwidth, for example. You can also get more customers if you upgrade your reseller account.


Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where you manage and administer different accounts for your clients. Typically, you can control bandwidth, disk space, and domain hosting for your clients. These features allow you to charge your clients a higher price than the actual cost of the service. Ultimately, you can earn a profit if your clients stay with you for years.

Reseller hosting plans are generally based on VPS or Cloud technology, although you can also find reseller plans that use shared hosting. However, VPS and Cloud plans tend to perform better. When choosing a reseller plan, make sure that the disk space is sufficient for the number of users. For example, if you’re hosting 30 users, you’ll need 600 GB of storage. It’s also best to look for SSD storage, as this is faster than older HDD storage.


The price of reseller hosting can vary depending on the provider. Most providers provide “Web Host Manager” software, which allows resellers to manage end-user accounts. However, it is paid software, and the provider must pass on the cost to the reseller. This can increase the monthly price. You should also check whether the reseller package you purchase includes technical support.

Reseller hosting requires little investment, and you can offer a higher quality service for less money. This type of hosting doesn’t require you to purchase server hardware, software, or data center infrastructure. You also don’t need to pay for employee salaries or maintenance of servers. You will be able to give clients their own Control Panel logins, limit plan resources, and isolate client accounts so they can’t leak data.

Recurring revenue stream

In order to earn a consistent income as a hosting reseller, you need to focus on creating recurring revenue streams and monthly subscriptions. This type of revenue will give you the flexibility to diversify your revenue sources and protect your business from fluctuations in the market. In order to start earning recurring revenue, you must find a unique way to provide your services and attract new customers. Listed below are some steps that you can take to generate recurring income.

Membership sites: A membership site is one of the best ways to generate recurring revenue. This type of website is easy to create and requires only minimal effort. You can start by setting up a membership site on WordPress. This plugin will allow you to easily manage membership sites and manage email accounts, as well as monitor and bill your clients. You can also choose to recommend a web host that offers recurring revenue to your customers.

Getting started

Reseller hosting is one of the cheapest ways to get into the web hosting business. This type of web hosting allows you to manage multiple clients and provide them with access to their own control panel. You can then charge a fee for managing this service for your clients. It is a good way to generate extra revenue for yourself and help out others.

In order to become a hosting reseller, you must sign up with a hosting provider and choose a reseller hosting plan. Each reseller plan is a little different, but most include varying amounts of bandwidth and storage space. In addition, some reseller hosting providers allow you to have unlimited sub-accounts.