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How to Avoid 8 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO?

Having a perfectly designed site is essential for any business. Poor choices could negatively impact performance and results. If your website is not getting visitors the way you thought, there must be some significant issues with your site. Undoubtedly, your website needs to look nice and ensure a good user experience. However, there are crucial technical issues that need to be resolved in order to grow your site. 

Fact: 94% of user comments are directly related to web design elements like layouts, intros, etc.

Be it redesigning your website or starting from the scratch, Website Design Company in Kolkata, India wants you to know to avoid a list of web design mistakes in order to excel in your SEO. 

Large Images and Media files

High-quality images undoubtedly look appealing; however, having high-resolution images downgrade the site ranking. As these files are massive in size, they slow down the site’s speed. But that should stop you. In fact, you can compress some of the images to make their size smaller. There are many tools, and some are free of cost.

Text in Image

Search engines can easily comprehend text over images, videos and other files. You have options to share those things as infographics and podcasts, but the search engine needs absolute data. Don’t simply upload files and wait for the traffic to roll in. A descriptive text attached in media files tells a search engine what to do. When you upload an image file, fill in the text with some data.   

Poor H1 Tags

Your site may include a fabulous look, eye-catching colour, appealing design and user-friendly fonts. Unfortunately, the search engine will never bother if it doesn’t include the code’s right elements. One essential feature that Web Developer focus on has the right H1 tag. Proper inclusion of tags includes descriptive keywords and phrases that will help drive your page’s right traffic. 

Include your primary keyword in your H1 and apply the 5 seconds test – if visitors tell exactly about your site is in 5 seconds, your tag is perfect.

Lack of Thin Content

Content is the top factor, and every Website Design Company focuses on its quality. In fact, it helps determine your website’s ranking. The secret to quality content lies in its relevancy, along with originality and high-quality write-ups. Failing to this may lead to significant degradation of the site ranking. Meanwhile, too little content or stale content substantially affects the website. Plagiarism is a big NO.

Page Load Time

Page load time is an officially said factor for ranking a website. Ignoring this can be detrimental to your website. Meanwhile, your media file’s quality and size have a great impact on your page load speed. Other factors such as plugins, internet connection speed and the web host also matter. Try to have a fast, responsive web host. Additionally, you should keep the server response time to around 200ms (TTFB).

Fact: Make sure your website loads in three seconds or less


In 2018 alone, mobile traffic over the internet had 52.2% of all global online traffic. While every website should be mobile responsive, those that aren’t will eventually end up suffering. 

Fact: Since 2015, Google began penalizing sites that weren’t mobile-friendly

It is simple to choose a responsive design or theme that adjusts according to the device being used to view a website.


Pop-ups are undoubtedly annoying. In fact, if your site presents a pop-up menu before the user can get a look at the content, you might find your site suffering in the SEO. Meanwhile, search engines are now cracking down on these intrusive ads. So, make sure you eliminate them as soon as possible. 

Unsecure Website

An unsecured website could have a serious impact on your SEO. If you fail to lock down with an SSL certificate, you could possibly result in a drop in ranking. Remember, protecting your visitor is a good thing, but it also comes with other benefits. 

Final Wrap

Whether you are trying to embark on a journey online, redesign or work on a new site, you should keep this list in mind. A nicely designed site from Web Design Company will get you to go a long way.