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Associated SharePoint products for the real estate solutions

8 Reasons to Use SharePoint for Commercial Real Estate Project Management

SharePoint in a certain way can be understood as a facilitating tool, which serves as a means because in reality other products or technologies can be linked to this tool. Depending on the specific needs of the real estate agency, and how it implements the tool, it is precisely the usefulness that SharePoint will have as a real estate CRM (both at an organizational and business level).

Among the main functionalities and products linked to SharePoint we find:

SharePoint Online

It is the cloud data storage service offered by Microsoft to the real estate agency. Although the real estate company can implement the tool locally with SharePoint Server, it can also use all the potential offered by doing it over the Internet.

As it is an online tool, members of the organization and the real estate team will be able to easily access the information from any device. Even SharePoint’s online option allows information to be shared with collaborators and clients of the real estate agency, and by establishing access rules you can control the type of information that is shared and with whom.

SharePoint Foundation.

It is the underlying technology of all Share Point sites, that is, it establishes the communication and data management protocols (the system also known as Windows SharePoint Services). This system is available free of charge to the real estate agency and can be downloaded and used locally.

It is a very effective system for real estate to quickly create many different types of sites, each with a specific purpose and specificity (for example database with customer information, web collaboration, a calendar of business activities, etc).

SharePoint Server.

It’s how the real estate agency can deploy and manage SharePoint on-premises. In addition to including all the features of SharePoint Foundation, at the local level, the real estate company can implement other functionalities such as enterprise or organizational content management, use the Enterprise Search search engine, manage the sites of each real estate agent and create a syndicator of news.

SharePoint Designer.

It is a very powerful program to manage high flows of information and work of the real estate company externally. It allows to edit and manage the type of external content, and it is a very effective plug-in based on business connectivity at the real estate level. The last update of the Designer was made in 2013 and its download is free.

Folder synchronization.

It’s a desktop program that you can use to sync an offline version of a real estate OneDrive site or library with a folder on your computer. A very interesting complement to use by the real estate agency, which allows increasing the level of effectiveness in the updates of the internal information flows.

A key factor for any real estate agency is effectiveness, and being able to exchange information in real-time between members of the real estate team is very important. Real-time collaboration streamlines work processes, making it easier to achieve better levels of individual and collective performance.

Yammer for real estate.

It is in no way an exaggeration when it is stated that through Yammer the real estate agency can be transformed into another company. Yammer allows the real estate agency to have its own internal social network, private and without intrusions of any kind.
It allows the members of the real estate team to interact in a very effective way, streamlining internal processes and facilitating higher levels of productivity.

Managing data, sharing information and managing projects in a simple way are factors that directly affect the productivity levels of the real estate agency. The applications available to increase SharePoint performance are almost innumerable, literally numbering in the dozens.

Of course, not all the applications and technologies associated with the management tool may be interesting for the real estate agent, although among so many options, it is almost certain that many will fit their business and organizational needs.

In any case, SharePoint is an excellent option for the real estate agency, both as a real estate CRM and also to manage certain specific areas of the company. Here would like to highlight some of the characteristics of SharePoint being used as CRM in real estate solutions.

Characteristics from a global perspective for real estate solutions:

Of course, we could continue listing long etcetera of tool features such as real estate CRM, although each real estate agency, and attending to their specific needs, will surely be able to make a much more precise list.

Notwithstanding this, we can also summarize the main characteristics from a global perspective as a contribution that this tool can mean for real estate; for example:

  • Strengthen the effectiveness in individual and collective decision-making.
  • Analyze the information rigorously and not subject to interpretation.
  • To assign tasks and define competencies unquestionably.
  • Facilitating the resolution of real estate conflicts internally and externally.
  • Stimulating competitiveness and promoting participation.
  • Raising the degree of individual commitment to the organization.
  • Increasing the level of individual and collective productivity of the real estate company.
  • Promoting the sense of uniqueness of the real estate team.
  • Improving the customer service of the real estate agency.
  • Establishing innovative and effective internal management systems.
  • Creating work models that meet specific needs.
  • Implementing healthy and productive forms of relationship.
  • Establishing effective internal and external communication channels.

Concluding Thoughts:

SharePoint real estate solutions are being noticed by the real estate world and are being benefited from this amazing online platform. In the above writing, we have tried to highlight some of the associated SharePoint products that are of great use and value in providing real estate solutions and data management. Microsoft SharePoint as CRM has also a great tool for productivity in real estate agencies.

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