Change Management & Transition Management

Global competition, challenges, company goals for higher profits, requisitions or structural change in the top management; all these factors call for one thing- Change Management. British Airways had to alter its approach to content management on the internet, Cadbury had to cope with global changes by refocusing on its cultural […]

Challenges in Requirements Elicitation

What is Requirements Elicitation? Requirements elicitation is the most communication intensive part of the requirements process. During requirements elicitation, the business analyst must interact with the stakeholders in many different types of elicitation sessions to draw out the user requirements for a project. Why Requirements Elicitation? Without complete, correct and […]

How to Improve Your Change Management Skills

Change is essential in any progressive corporate organization. That is why its leaders and members need to manage that change effectively. Change management is important. It is defined as an efficient process of transforming persons from one function to another. Any enterprise for that matter needs valuable skills in change […]