Ethics and Decision Making in Education

When making ethical decisions in education consequensalism is often applied to the kinds of guides to action based theory of relativism. Philosophers and ethicists use the term teleogy, from Greek word telos, meaning end ( Beckner 2004 ). Consequentialism The term was first used for (1) a theory concerning responsibility, […]

Glossary Of Consumer Finance Terms

A guide to many of the terms used in the consumer finance market. A Acceptance Rate – The percentage of customers that are successful when applying for a loan or credit card. 66% or more applicants must be offered the advertised rate know as the Typical APR (See ‘Typical APR’ […]

Evolution of Online Retail

Competing in a high-pressure business scenario has become a challenge for retailers. As an effective alternative sales channel sellers are looking at the internet, which gives them direct access to target customers. Online retailing (also known as e-tail) is a web-enabled interface between a retailer and its target consumers for […]