General Rules for Patent Drawing

Creating a drawing for a patent is very much different from the one we did in our school days. Unlike the drawing in school, here, we have certain rules and we need to follow these rules religiously, failing which can cost a rejection in the patent application. No matter whether […]

Unlocking the Benefits of ESOP Outsourcing: Optimizing Employee Stock Ownership Plan with Professional Management

The complexity of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) administration can make it a time-consuming burden on your management team. Whether compliance challenges, intricate valuations, or intricate communication needs, managing ESOPs can strain resources. However, by outsourcing the technical aspects of ESOP management to a reputable employee stock options firm, […]

VooDoo Training For the Stock Market

If you go to Haiti or other places in the Caribbean you may run into the Voodoo tradition of magic. There are long and mostly noisy rituals with the medicine man spouting words that bring great power and conjure up whatever it is the supplicant desires. Great amounts of smoke […]

Top 10 Principles for Positive Business Ethics

This morning, I read about a company using on-line auctions to defraud customers. Last week, I consulted on an ethics complaint where a business coach betrayed a client’s confidentiality. And, recently a Physician was convicted of insider trading based on information from a patient, a violation of both business ethics […]