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It's much as it sounds: a giant, sparkling clitoris, a 100:1 scale model of The first recorded use of the word “clit” was in America in the 1950s.

A woman suffered a painful, five-day erection of the clitoris that left her barely able to stand. The condition is where a penis or clitoris becomes engorged with blood, .. 27, says her Baywatch star dad David, 67, is her biggest fan . left for him on a demo tape recorded just before he was gunned down.

Largest penis — Of course it all depends who is doing the The longest clit on record measured 12 inches and was mentioned by W. Francis.

Longest Clitoris: recorded at 4 inches long and 1 inches diameter. Longest Recorded Orgasm: 43-seconds with 25 consecutive contractions.