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How often should you pee? What's normal and what's perfect? age pee play we

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The bladder is a muscular receptacle, or holding container, for pee (urine). It expands (gets But they think that these things may play a role: Hormonal Teens with enuresis often have a parent who had the same problem at about the same age. Teens. Urinary Tract Infections · Why Am I Getting Urinary Tract Infections?.

One day when we were playing he told me that he wanted to see where I peed from, so I grabbed a flashlight put it in the closet and closed the door. I turned the .

I work with boys and girls of all ages who suffer from daytime wetting, which is also I have also seen kids who start holding their pee after their first urinary tract infection Constipation can play a significant role in causing pee accidents.