Fake Orgasm Contest Commemorates 'When Harry Met Sally...' 30-Year Anniversary - when harry met sally fake orgasm


Orgasm fake-off at Katz's Deli celebrates 30th anniversary of "When Harry met Sally" / Boing Boing when harry met sally fake orgasm

When fans remember When Harry Met Sally, they usually recall Nora Ephron’s romantic script, deli sandwiches and of course, Meg Ryan‘s famous fake orgasm scene. Ryan played Sally Albright in the movie while Billy Crystal played Harry Burns — two friends who end up falling in love.

Katz's Delicatessen in New York challenged its diners to recreate the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally originally filmed there.

When director Rob Reiner, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal got together to talk "When Harry Met Sally" Thursday night, naturally that fake orgasm.

If you've spent years perfecting your skills at faking orgasms, it's time to put those talents to use in an upcoming fake orgasm contest that will.