Concealed Penetrating Parietal Lobe Injury Due to Stab Wound: Case Report - intracranial glass penetration


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J Trauma. 2006 Apr;60(4):891-3. Intracranial penetration of a glass piece through the temporal region in civilian head injury. Sharma A(1), Pandey A, Diyora B.

[A temporal head injury involving intracranial penetration by glass]. [Article in Japanese]. Nakagawa A(1), Su CC, Yamashita Y, Endo T, Shirane R.

PDF | On May 1, 2006, Alok Sharma and others published Intracranial Penetration of a Glass Piece Through the Temporal Region in Civilian.

Trauma is the leading cause of death in individuals younger than 45 years of age . Brain injury results in more trauma deaths than injuries to any other specific.