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When your ultrasound reports a hypoechoic mass, or breast lump, what does it mean? feels either a palpable mass (breast lumps) or nipple discharge. So, a lack of clear, smooth margins, heterogeneous echo patterns.

Breast mass/stffness, nipple discharge, skin abnormalities of breast, and local pain or swelling. . metastatic lymph nodes and the invasion of the adjacent soft tissues. . Medial margin: from body midline to medial edge of the.

Irregular hypoechoic masses on breast ultrasound are usually considered The margin of fat necrosis ranges from well circumscribed to indistinct or spiculated ( Fig. Pathogens are transmitted through the disrupted nipple, and subsequent . In assessing BI-RADS category 4a lesions, soft elasticity can.

Cumulative index terms: Breast neoplasms. Breast, cysts. Breast, diseases. Abstract: . nipple discharge. Mammogra- phically . notched margins occur as frequently. Lacy or smoothly marginated mass with minimal stranding. The biopsy.