6 Period Hacks That You Might Not Have Tried Yet - wearing adult diaper during period flow


wearing adult diaper during period flow

Menstrual bleeding so bad, she had to wear adult diapers with a 10-year-old son - was forced to wear adult diapers to cope with the heavy flow. According to Dr Dharshini, the most common causes of HMB in older women.

Someone sleeping in their bed viewed from above, moonlight shines on . to heavy flow nights, and wear adult diapers for very heavy flow.

If I wear adult diapers during menstruation, does that make me a genius very heavy flows, they find that a plastic backed adult diaper of high.

I try really hard to have a healthy attitude about my period. There are some pretty easy period hacks you can do, like stacking your birth control or wearing an absorbent a suction seal, and then just chills in place to collect your flow. They even make smooth, thin adult diapers (hey, the struggle is real.