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Penis Problems: How my partners huge penis impacts our relationship' husbands penis is too big

Apr 7, 2015 Men love to brag about the size of their penis, whether they're well-endowed or not, but can his penis be too big? Some say bigger is better but.

Many men boast about the size of their penis, but often don’t actually have one so large that it causes a problem during sex. Rather than ditching your man or enduring painful sex, here are some tips about how enjoy to great sexual intimacy and pleasure with a well-endowed partner.

Nov 14, 2017 While many men (and women) put a lot of stock in penis size, is bigger always better? Can it be too big or are there ways to work around it?.

Dec 14, 2015 Anything above 9″ is too big for me and I couldn't ever handle a 13-inch dick inside of me. Oww. With However, my husband's penis is thick.