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A whole bunch of ABDL, Infantilism, Age Regression, and more! Don't read if Becoming The Baby (Infantilism Stories). 77.9K Reads ❀Original and Official Ageplay Short Stories (:❀. abdl . Basically Adult Baby Pictures with little Stories :).

Read Always Read The Terms And Conditions from the story Becoming The Baby (Infantilism Stories) by EmoFlowerChild (Brooke) with 6860 reads. ageplay, toddler It determines how your life is to be lived, adult or child. The points are .

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Age Play - Forced Regression (Male Adult Babies). Yup, like the titles says. This list is only for stories that features MALE PROTAGONIST (male main character) Age Regression, Infantilism, Babification, ABDL, Diaper-play.