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Construction and Commercial Janitorial Services: Basic Facts

In any new construction and reconstruction work, construction cleanup is always considered a necessity. Although construction cleanup is basically cleaning up the dirt, there are still factors to keep in mind to make it efficient. Knowing the local laws of disposal is a must in every construction janitorial service.

In order to successfully clean all construction debris, cleanup crews typically hire a dumpster from other companies. Household dumpsters are not recommended as they are not intended for construction debris.

Construction items, such as paint, brush, and thinners, should be segregated properly and not to be mixed with cement and wood debris.

When cleaning a newly constructed house, it is recommended to clean per area. You can also do cleanup right after the construction of a specific area in the house. You should start sweeping from the inside of your home.

After the construction of the home is completed, the next phase will typically be electricians and plumbers doing their work. Once they are done, the building should be cleaned again. However, reliable plumbers and electricians usually clean any dirt caused by their work on their own.

Newly installed windows should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the dirt from permanently sticking. After removing the sticker on the window, make sure to wipe it properly. If you are unable to remove the sticker, use a fabric softener on the area around the sticker. You can also use a fabric softener if the sticker is really hard to remove. You will need to remove the stickers on every window using this method. Aside from the windows, you can also use this method on appliances and furniture.

Newly installed sinks and faucets must be wiped clean before using for the first time. You will also need to remove the stickers from these items if there are any. Fabric softeners can be used on anything, even on delicate items.

To remove dirt from newly installed flooring, you will need a strong vacuum. You should also clean every tile grout to prevent discolouration. Complete Floor & Carpet Care is typically offered by most cleaning companies.

There are also other professional cleaning services that many cleanup companies offer today. Take note that you might need a bigger budget if you are looking for commercial janitorial services. To start your search for a good cleanup agency, you should focus on your local area first. You can also browse online if you are unable to find one through your friend’s recommendations. Just be sure to check on the reviews first before finally hiring a cleanup agency.

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